Why am I running for Mayor of Santa Ana in 2020!

“I am running for Mayor to reset the path that Santa Ana is on, so that our future enhances the quality of life for all who live here. I believe that we need to be honest about the problems our city faces and work in good faith with our community to solve them instead of kicking them down the road. I also believe that we need to advance new policies aimed at strengthening the city’s financial health while simultaneously improving the quality of life for all in Santa Ana and lastly, making government innovative and more inclusive and transparent.  It’s time for a Mayor whose priority is the people who live here now. It’s time Santa Ana had a Mayor for all of us.”

Join Team Martinez!


The present and future of Santa Ana is dependent on the policies we set today!

We need a plan that is straight forward, bold and focuses on making sure Santa Ana is innovative , resilient and equitable.

A New Vision for Santa Ana

To make Santa Ana a smart and connected, vibrant world-class city with a thriving economy, where all people have real opportunity to succeed.

A New Mission for Santa Ana

To provide the City of Santa Ana with innovative, fiscally accountable solutions to advance the city into the 21st century  while providing the residents and business community of Santa Ana with a good quality of life and high levels of customer  service.

Areas of Focus for a New Santa Ana

Innovate: we must re-think city government and foster innovative solutions that will invest in efficiency and delivery of city services.

Resiliency: we must commit to putting our city government on a sound and sustainable fiscal path so we can provide efficient and sustainable levels of service.

Equity: we must invest in all neighborhoods, economic development, housing, transportation, infrastructure, technology, safety so we can meet the diverse needs of all people in Santa Ana.