A Vision for a 21st Century City!

Becoming a High- Performing City

The City of Santa Ana must adopt the "Equipt to Innovate Framework  launched by Living Cities and Governing to improve city services and increase the quality of life for all in Santa Ana.

1. Dynamically Planned City

2. Broadly Partnered City

3. Resident Involved City

4. Race Informed City

5. Smartly Resourced City

6. Employee Engaged City

7. Data Driven City

Land- Use, Economic and Community Development

  • We must move beyond the 19 century land use rules and regulations and change our policies and practices to meet the needs of the 21st century if we want to address housing affordability, traffic congestion and parking.
  • To create and bring better jobs to Santa Ana we must move from traditional economic development practices and also prepare our current workforce for new opportunities. 
  • We must make manufacturing of local designed products a top priority by supporting the maker city movement. I will champion a "made in Santa Ana" branding campaign. 
  • Create a community development ecosystem that will support local-led resident organizations.
  • Advocate for the city to create a one-stop-shop with a focus on customer service for any business looking to open in the city.
  • Support the creation of a new innovation district that embraces and supports new ideas, innovations, place-making and to connect residents to employment and educational opportunities. 
  • Internet for All-Santa Ana must move towards being a forward thinking city and invest in a city-wide backbone fiber network to provide broadband services to the community.
  • We must design an accessible and inclusive transportation system that provides good access to first and last mile options, such as bike share, car sharing, share ride service like lyft and uber.
  • We must look for opportunities to remake our public realm with place-making, arts and culture, urban farms, community gardens, sustainable energy projects, parks and playgrounds. 
  • Foster and support regional conversations about efficiencies in working regionally to address homelessness, affordable housing, infrastructure, public transportation, economic development and  public  health and safety. 
  • The city must make it a priority to  redefine what "affordable" means in Santa Ana. We also have to set goals on how much affordable housing we want to build in the city. In the past 10 years( 2006-2016) ,Santa Ana has only built 317 units of affordable housing. We  can do better! We just need to set goals and make it a top priority.
  • Create a one-stop multi service campus style campus that will offer a centralized service environment to provide short-term services to assist homeless individuals.The campus will serve as an entry point and service hub instead of the civic center. The goal is to provide access to a wide-range of services under-one-roof.
  • Champion a clean and green work  program for the homeless population in partnership with the city Quality of Life Team.
  • Continue to advocate for the use technology and big data to create  systems that can help the city keep track of the homeless population  while collecting data about the needs and services  being provided.  
  • Create an office of race and equity to achieve equitable opportunities for all people and communities in Santa Ana. 

Community Safety

The main focus of our public safety ideas is to reduce crime, reduce traffic crashes, and efficiently address quality of life issues. For us to have a safe Santa Ana we must foster an environment of mutual respect between the police and the community. 

Community Policing:

I will promote and foster 21 century community policing strategies to build trust with community and police. 

1. Building trust and legitimacy

2. Police Oversight

3. Technology and Social Media

4. Community Policing and crime reduction.

5. Officer training and education

6. Officer safety and wellness

I will also advocate for:

  •  Resources to implement  an open data dash board for information sharing with the community and promote data driven decisions as a community engagement tool to increase opportunities for public participation and input. 
  • Prevention, intervention  and restorative justice programs for our youth and families.

Traffic Safety:

  • Traffic deaths are not “accidents.” They’re preventable tragedies. They’re unacceptable. They’re not inevitable. That’s how the city will treat fatal and serious injury crashes under Vision Zero Santa Ana.  for more information on Santa Ana Vision Zero plan please visit:http://www.santa-ana.org/smsa/
  • I will advocate to make traffic safety a top priority and get more officers out on the street to enforce speeding on city streets and also provide educational opportunities through safe routes school.
  • Support to reduce traffic speed on collector streets and arterials regardless of the 20 percentile. Our residents safety must come first. Over 60 percent of city crashes happen on arterial streets. 

Emergency Preparedness: 

Neighborhoods that are prepared for emergencies and or disaster situations save lives, reduce the severity of injuries and  reduce property damage. In addition, contributing as an individual and working together as a team helps develop stronger communities and improve the quality of life in the community.  Commit the city to implement a Map Your Neighborhood program city-wide and work with the private sector to help fund this program.