About Michele


  Michele Martinez is the former Mayor Pro Tem for the City of Santa Ana,
 CA and the former President of the Southern California Association of Gov-
 ernments (SCAG), the nation’s largest metropolitan planning organization,
 representing six counties, 191 cities and more than 18 million residents and
 the former President of the National Association of Latino Elected and Ap-
 pointed Officials (NALEO), a non-partisan organization made up of more
 than 6,000 federal, state and local officials.
 Michele is considered one of the nation’s transformational political leaders
 of her time and is recognized for her reputation as a regional public policy
 leader, her understanding and knowledge in politics and government in Cal-
 ifornia, fostering innovation and data driven policy decision-making, and her
 ability to connect the dots to build thriving communities that put people first
 and lastly, her regional cutting-edge approach on advancing policies and
 solutions to the unique and complex challenges in navigating the regulato-
 ry and political environment in housing, water, air, transportation, economic
 development, land-use/ zoning, and technology.
 Using her 15 years of public policy experience and her influence as a re-
 gional and national leader Michele will be able to tap into her extensive
 network of relationships to support the companies mission to create
 healthy, vibrant, and sustainable communities for people from all walks of
 life and to collaborate with municipalities to co-create equitable transit ori-
 ented development in order to maximize social returns on investment.
 Michele has been listed as one of 16 people to watch in Orange County in
 2016, Huffington Posts 40 under 40: Latinos in American Politics, Latinas
 Today, Latina’s Style Magazine, Emerging Latina of the Year and recently
 was accepted to attend the Senior Executive in State and Local Govern-
 ment Program at the Harvard Kennedy School of Executive Education.
 Michele served on the Board of Directors for the Metropolitan Water Dis-
 trict, Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG), Mobile
 Source Air Pollution Reduction Committee, Local Government Commission,
 California League of Cities, Latino Caucus, Orange County Council of Gov-
 ernments, Orange County League of Cities Division, League of California
 Cities , Revenue and Taxation policy committee . Michele is also a part-
 time adjunct professor for Santiago Canyon Community College teaching
 code enforcement and inspector professionals in government.
 Michele is a proud graduate of California State University, Fullerton were
 she earned a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. Michele is a native of
 Los Angeles and a resident of Santa Ana for over 25 years.